Thursday, July 1, 2010


Netball is an attack and defence game.It is played world wide and over 20 million people play it in 70 different countries. Our New Zealand netball team is called the Silver Ferns, they are coming second in the current world ranking.


To play netball you need certain equipment. This equipment includes bibs so you can tell which position you are in and who your partner is. A ball so you can play and score goals. Nail clippers because you can’t play with long nails incase you scratch someone. Shoes so you don’t stub your toe or roll your ankle. Lastly you need a whistle to signal when to stop, when someone gets a goal or when there’s a centre pass off.


There are seven different positions there’s goal shoot, goal attack, goal keep, centre, wing attack, wing defence and goal defence. All the defence players need certain skills like lobbing into the circle, keeping in front of their partner, jumping to catch the ball and keeping their arms up. All the attack players need certain skills too, like dodging their partner, finding space and intercepting. Goal shoot has to stay in the first third with their goal, goal attack can go in the middle third and by their goal. Goal keep stays with the other teams goal shoot in the circle. Centre can go everywhere but inside the circles. Wing attack can go the same places as goal attack and wing defence can go the same places as goal defence which is in the middle third and the third with the opponent’s goal.


In netball there are a few rules. Like you have to be careful that you don’t step, stepping is a rule if you have the ball you can’t walk with it. You can’t bounce the ball unless you want to be called up for replay.
You have to stay three feet away from your partner other whys its obstruction. If you and another team mate touch the ball at the same time then it’s a short pass which means other team’s ball.

Netball is a fast game and can be played by all ages and any gender. To win the game you need to follow the rules and play fair.

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    It will help you keep track of the score because in most instances the courts don't have a scoreboard.