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Orderinq Decimals.
I Have Been Working On Ordering Decimals From Smallest To Largest.
To Do This First You Look At The First Number Then The Next Then The Next.
Example. 4.75, 6.667, 0.11, 6.657
Looking At The First Numbers 0 is the Smallest So That Would Go First.
Then 4 Is The Secound Smallest So That Would Go Next.
The Numbers Left Both Start With A 6 So We Move To The Next Number.
Again The Next Number On Each Decimal Is The Same... Next Number.
The 5 On 6.657 Makes It Smaller Making It Go Next.
The Order Of These Numbers Are...
0.11, 4.75, 6.657 & 6.667

Volume && Capacity
Today In Maths We Had Different Tasks To Do In Different Stations
Like One Task Was Called Thirsty And We Had To Measure Everythinq Correctly
To Make Perfect Raro! (:
One Was Is There Enouqh Were We HAd To Find The Closest To 6 Cups In 5 Different Bottles
And The Last Station Was How Much In Each Were We Had To Find The Cup That Had The Most
Water In It.

Today In Maths We Measure Volume Usinq A Measurinq Juq And Stickinq Our Hands In It. It Was Filled To The 200ml Mark And When I STuck My Fist In It, The Water Went Up To The 400ml Mark. Fuatau And Josh Had The Biqqest Hand As The Water Went Up To The 550ml Mark While Miss Kirk Had The Smallest At The 350ml mark.